All camouflage is designed to make you hard to see. But that’s just the table stakes in the world of hunting. The elite hunter is searching for far more. More than just an edge, more than getting close. It’s the ability to have total control over a situation. So you can challenge every aspect of a hunt, take time, reflect, respect and choose.

Tuatara® Camo puts you in a zone like no other and takes you closer to your prey than ever before. Closer than you ever dared. Become one with the land. Take your time and choose your next move. Raise the bar, challenge old traditions, embrace your primal instincts and rewrite every definition of the word ‘stealth’.

As hunters, we enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. But in a sport where split seconds, millimeters and decibels can make or break, you need gear that’s going to give you that crucial edge to stay ahead of the game.

With 11 layers of forest colours, shades, light patterns and deep contrasts, the trees suck you in, the bush envelops you and the earth swallows you up. You are shadow and stealth. A lethal mystery. TCF is designed for hunting when close proximity, patience and a cloak of invisibility is paramount.

In the harsh alpine environment, colours appear deceptively flatter where the high and exposed terrains embody a scorched earthy palate of lichens, moss, grasses and rocks. This is where TCA will break up your edge and you’ll become the dusty landscape, the slight shadow in the wind, unhesitating, untroubled, patiently awaiting your next move.

Disruptive in the field. Distinctive in your town. This is your pattern, wear it with pride and passion. With as much function as it embodies style, it works as hard on the land as it does in the urban jungle. TCU marks you out. A hunter with field craft. A wolf amongst sheep.

Tuatara® Camo takes hunting to the next level. We’ve redefined what it means to hunt undetected with four key technical design elements that will confuse the animal eye and enable you to become one with your hunting domain.

Some camo use unnatural combinations of patterns. Tuatara® Camo uses a natural blend of peaks, scales and contours. These serve as visual disruptions, so whether you are standing, crouching, crawling or lying, it’s hard for your target to get any sense of where you begin or end.

Tuatara® Camo utilises disruptive colour patterns that effectively break up your outline, so your silhouette vanishes, leaving nothing for animals to pick up.

Tuatara® Camo creates a 3D like effect where it challenges depth perception. With 11 layers of intricate design patterns, these combine to give a much deeper depth of field, confusing the animal eye and misrepresenting your very presence.

The different colours in Tuatara® Camo match and draw out the natural colours around you. Stand next to the green of a fern and the colours will fuse to blend you in.

What is the Tuatara?

New Zealand’s native Tuatara is one of the greatest survival stories on earth. It has survived from the Jurassic period against all odds, using its natural camouflage to evade predators and hunt its own prey. At Stoney Creek, we’ve been inspired by this living dinosaur and have spent the last four years working with experts to develop a technical camouflage pattern that embraces the natural stealth ability of this mysterious creature. Wearing Tuatara® Camo, you become one with nature. A shadow in the forests. A rock on the mountain face. The apex predator. The master of hunting undetected.