The HEARTS behind Stoney Creek

Inspirational business turnaround and building an iconic brand and a global hunting brand Stoney Creek.

Story of a business in receivership after not turning a profit in 5 years to when Brent and Juanita McConnell purchased it and grew it into the iconic brand it is today in New Zealand across the globe. Leading the creation of a passionate team and customer base. Leadership in developing the passionate Stoney Creek culture amongst staff and customers.

Brent and Juanita With a strong rural connection themselves, they continue to be hands-on in farming and hunting communities. We know the complexities of the land – and, we share your passion for getting out there amongst it. This passion for both industries is reflected in the practical, hard-wearing garments we produce. Because we’re hunters too, we expect the best and deliver the best – without compromise. put their blood sweat and tears into making sure that every Stoney Creek product is purpose-built, tried and tested. 

Who We Are

Here at Stoney Creek, we are real people, passionate about making real gear for real hunters. Our passion was born through generations of hunters that have passed down their primal instinct to hunt, gather and provide for our families and community. We are proud of our heritage and we are proud of our pursuit.

Our passion is further ignited by the opportunities that our own backyard provides us. We appreciate and respect the wildlife, the wild lands and wild weather that we encounter when out chasing these passions. It is these experiences that every one of us treasure and we know it is our responsibility to protect these things for future generations to come.

Stoney Creek is an experience and an enabler. Our mission is simple, to maximize your experience.

We achieve this by our team’s united drive and relentless pursuit to provide purpose built gear that will perform during your chosen hunting application. Trust is everything. Trust in our proven designs. Trust in our understanding of purpose. Trust in our innovations. It is this realness and the unwavering trust that our Stoney Creek gear will keep us protected, prepared and giving us the technical edge to perform at our peak.