We at Stoney Creek take our role of stewards of the outdoors seriously. One of our core missions is to protect our outdoor environment for generations to come.

Our passions are driven by outdoor pursuits, mother nature and its wildlife. We kit out hunters, farmers, fishermen, tradesmen, and outdoor enthusiasts, the people who rely most on the preservation of nature for both their livelihoods and leisure. We all have a passionate stake in the environment and our role in ensuring that we protect it, not only for us but for future generations.
For years we have been making more environmentally conscious decisions about the way we design, produce, and package our products.

In the performance clothing industry, we understand there is still a long road to go, and not only are we making positive changes throughout our journey and at each stage we can, but through initiatives like OBT we are hoping to inspire and influence our staff, our customers, our partners and other businesses to get involved and protect all those things we are passionate about.